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Waiting Saturday  : Article By Ramesh Lamichhane

Kathmandu – “Sir are you going out today?” his sudden question stopped me nearby the school gate this Saturday.

I simply replied, “Yes I have got some works outside”. Stopping me in middle, he said, what a life you have got. No homework, free to go anywhere you wish, have right to eat whatever you wish, visit anywhere you like with anyone of your choice, make choosy hairstyle, enjoy anytime with your smartphone and many more of your choice. Without thinking deeply I asked, “What´s the difference between you and me?” today is Saturday, you have free time to play with your friends. You also can go and enjoy with them. He said sir, “instead of being happy that today is Saturday I worry that tomorrow is the same Sunday with lots of my school activities. So, from SundayI keep on waiting for next Saturday which again reminds me of Sunday.

14 years old Ananta an eighth grade student, who has been in the school as a hosteller since 6 years was talking to me. His expressions can be the willingness of being free from the school hostel. This conversation made an impression on me which also led me to think on this topic.

We, being the part of society which takes childhood life as happiest moments in one’s life forget to think about their tensions. Particularly, me who used to think just the age which I am going through is full of worries probably was proved wrong by Ananta’s questions. For me a youth in this age need to think about his/ her study, career, family, job, friends and many more which seems difficult for us. But actually, human is never worry free or free from mental sufferings, as I felt from Ananta’s expressions.

The matter here is not the stages of human life and tensions coming with them. But the major problem here seems to be our education system. What makes a student wait Saturday and worry about the next day (Sunday) on the particular day, is to be discussed.

If we study &analyze the schooling system of Nepal properly we may get the answer. A child since his/ her first day in school learns to follow the teacher, do the given homework and remember the things said by teachers or books. A student here is said to be the brilliant one, if he/she knows the contents of the books. The aim of education on the other hand totally differs. The aim of education is to develop the overall aspects of students, and make them able to do something later in their life. Though the students get something from the texts he/ she read, their creativity is killed. The general answer from Nepalese parents for the question, why to study is to be able to stand on own feet, which means to learn something and to prove themselves strong in the present competitive world market and live their life easily. But the question here is, does our parroting education system really make one able to do something? Does it really help students to learn how to live their life? Are students with higher degrees getting better jobs, earning better and living their life in a better way than the uneducated ones?If so we need to find where is the result? If not what is lacking in our education?

Today’s parents are searching for expensive boarding schools and institutions for the betterment of their children’s education. But are they really able to develop the talents a student has, as they write on their slogans. If I am not wrong, leaving some exceptional cases most of such schools have highly contributed to the parroting education system of Nepal. These schools keep students under excessive control which forces students leave their school. And in some cases, too much freedom provided to them for the sake of collecting students also spoils their career. They should be kept under proper discipline, with direct supervision of parents, teachers, school administration and those others related to their life. So that a student can develop the talents s/he has got and does better for life. Doing so also helps solve cases of Ananta (representing the problems of students of that age all around the country) can also be solved.

It is also necessary to find out some solutions for these problems. So, what can be the solution? Teacher’s training relating with child psychology, keeping different E.C.A programs at regular time intervals, observing the students directly by teachers, parents, school Administration addressing their problem after noticing them, giving good family environment and motivating them towards study with some inspirational works at home and school both can help. Knowing student’s interests, capacity and trying to develop them accordingly, giving proper environment also can attract them towards school. Giving equal priority to games and sports, and other sectors of student’s interest can also be helpful. Giving short holidays or taking students to educational/ recreational tours at regular time interval with some aim inspires them to learn and make them positive towards school.  Technical education also develops their personality. When such ideas are used and school becomes the favourite choice of studentsin life, no more Ananta will worry about Sunday and wait Saturday.



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